– will have access to a tool, at the same time user friendly and entertaining, that enables learning a wide set of Multiliteracies related competences

-increasing the motivation of students for school proven by decreasing by 10% per year the number of students from Roma communities who leave the system before completing

compulsory education;

-increasing students’ interest in school.


– will have access to an innovative and user-friendly tool for Multiliteracies education that can be used in various settings

– will benefit from the RomaMultiLangPrimE toolkit that is easy to use to improve Multiliteracies Competences of their children.

– will be more interested in their children’s education and will motivate them to encourage their children not to leave school.


– adapting to the professional context by developing skills in multi-literacies, multi-modalities, multi-lingual educational activities and how it can be adapted to the level of each partner


– exchange of good practices for the development of skills regarding the implementation of multi-literacies, multi-modalities, multi-lingual educational activities

– development of communication in a foreign language skills

– development of efficient communication skills, teamwork, presentation, acceptance of new cultures;

– developing the interest of teachers for their own training during life;

– broadening the professional and intercultural horizon, changing the perception of education as a system;

-participants will become multipliers of innovative information and good practices in the field of multi-literacies, multi-modalities, multi-lingual educational activities and will share the

knowledge accumulated pyramidally in the institutes they come from and then at county level through meetings with others teachers from other schools by fields and through courses

and workshops held on various occasions

Participant organisations:

– will have a new tool and knowledge to improve Multiliteracies key competences of children

– Multiliteracies education will find an easier pathway to enter school curricula in the upper primary school’s level

– decreasing the dropout rate among Roma students;

-strengthening the partnership with the partner organizations;

– identifying new project ideas for further collaborations;

– development of skills for organizing and coordinating a project involving partners from different sectors (cross-sectoral partnership);

-increasing the community’s trust in organizations;

– promoting the image of institutions at local, regional, national and European level;

– strengthening relations with the social partners;

-consolidation of existing partnerships, exchange of good practices between partners and identification of new future collaboration opportunities;

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