The project

The modern citizen, due to technological developments and the need to transcend different linguistic and cultural codes, must develop new skills in order to be able to understand, use and produce a variety of multimodal texts (texts that combine words, symbols, images) charts and sound, and appear with the help of new forms of typography and interoperable digital technology.  Multiliteracies, Multimodality, Multiligualism, the integration of Romani students in the everyday school activities and language learning, can help the students of 6-12 years to express themselves by adapting to the modern communication requirements to utilize different media for meaning other than linguistic.

About the project

The goal of the RomaMultiLangPrimE project is to aid and increase Romani primary school students’ Multiliteracies Language Learning Competences for their early and natural integration in the everyday educational classroom. RomaMultiLangPrimE project aims to develop an innovative understanding, designing, developing, evaluating and disseminating new pedagogical methods, a relevant cards package for onsite and online use initially in the partners’ languages and English language.

 The project aims specifically to:

•Facilitate early inclusion of Roma students in the primary school

•Design, develop, evaluate and disseminate new innovative pedagogical methods, more specifically on developing educational games within the learning process and online

•Design the ShareOurStory platform where the project will initially be hosted in partner languages and English

•Create a teacher training curriculum to be integrated into a teacher training program that utilizes the results of the program.

• Design and implement innovative learning scenarios by using the RomaMultiLangPrime’s ShareOurStory web platform where it will host the project, initially in partner languages and English.

• Design and implement innovative teaching scenarios for distance learning and teacher communication with students.

The target group of this project consists of primary school teachers working with children aged 6 to  12 years from Roma communities.

Tangible results will include:

• An innovative pedagogical approach disseminated at the academic and teachers’ community

• The eLearning platform/ online tool along with the eLearning course, content, manuals and curricula

 • Research and evaluation reports from case studies

• Good policy guides and case studies disseminated to the national and European educational policy makers

• Newsletters or brochures

Intangible results include:

• Improved Roma students’ integration in the everyday classroom via multiliteracies and multimodal tools

• Improved Roma students’ language learning skills via multiliteracies and multimodal tools

• Improved teachers’ knowledge, skills and competences to achieve the previous results

• Knowledge and experience from participants, trainees or staff

• Skills or achievements of the target groups

• Improved Roma and participating countries cultural awareness

• Enhanced European identity

About Us

Applicant Organisation:

Romania: Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Arad

Partner Organisations:

Romania: Scoala Gimnaziala Iosif Moldovan Arad

Bulgaria: Secondary School Angel Karaliychev

Greece: Panepistimio Patron

Italy: Polo Europeo della Conoscenza

Turkey : Osmaniye il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu